My graduation…

Tonight is the night before my graduation.  Tomorrow I will be an official graduate of the Seneca Post-graduate Social Media Program, and I feel incredible and emotional.

For me, it’s not only an academic graduation, it’s a culmination of the achievements I have worked for and been blessed with in my life.  A big part of this has been the journey to build or perhaps even rebuild myself in recent years, and that is what I am reflecting on this evening…

The last few years have been a rollercoaster, and if I had to define my journey in one word, it would be “change”.  Change has been the constant factor and the changes themselves have been positive or negative depending on my mindset and perspective at that time.  Looking back though, I realise that if it wasn’t for all those changes, some small, some big, I would not be where I am today.  I am so thankful for the journey and what it has brought me.

Over recent times I have brought my authentic self forward and have worked very hard to get to know her by listening to her guidance and trusting the strong intuition I have in my gut.  In doing this, I have found a part of myself that I actually forgot about, and in rediscovering this part of me, it has become stronger than ever and is now an integral part of my everyday being.  I’d like to define this part of me as my zest for life, my energy or my belief in myself.  This part of me is attracting more and more like-minded people who share my energy and zest, and I love it!  I love what this part of me brings to my life because what it brings is integral to my happiness.

My happiness is no longer defined by other people’s reactions to me, or aspirations for me. It is now defined by what I feel and I want (based on the intuition that I trust), and is driven by following the dreams I am excited by.  I have found a deep acceptance of and love for myself, and with this has come the beautiful gift of accepting others in my life exactly the way they are.  It’s so liberating and I feel at peace.

So, the night before my official Graduation, I want to acknowledge that I am also graduating (very successfully) from the lessons learned in the recent, most turbulent, yet most rewarding years of my life.  I want to thank each of you for being there for me on my journey in the way you have been.  Some of you have held me up, some of you have taught or guided me, some of you have made me laugh so hard I couldn’t even breathe, and some of you have let me be and/or feel whatever I needed to be and/or feel.  Most of all though, all of you have respected my journey, loved me through it and have inspired me each day.  I am so grateful.

Here’s to Graduation.  I can’t wait to see how the rest of the journey unfolds!! xx


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