Finding happiness in simplicity

For the last few of weeks, since I saw this piece in the UK’s Stylist Magazine, I have been thinking about colouring-in books!  I was drawn to the simplicity as well as the nostalgic element as I spent a lot of my childhood colouring-in, painting and doing various other arts and crafts activities.  Whilst thinking about these things, I realised I missed not having them as part of my life.  On Saturday, I decided to change that!

As a woman who likes to be efficient with her time, and get as much on to her “done” list as possible, I combined by shopping with my work out, and walked a few kilometers to Indigo, the beautiful haven where I was to purchase my books. It was a lovely walk on a sunny morning and I really enjoyed it.

I turned up to Indigo feeling so excited (and slightly sweaty!) and couldn’t wait to find ‘my’ books.  I found a wonderful sales assistant who got as caught up in my excitement as I was.  As I was explaining what I was looking for and she led me to one of two (yes, two) colouring-in books for Adults displays, people were drawn to our conversation, and seemed as delighted as I was by the prospect of colouring-in.  It was magical! The choice of books was vast; there was something for everyone.  I (reluctantly) decided on one book for myself, and one for a very close friend’s birthday present (in the hope we can colour together!).

As I was leaving, the sales assistant who has helped me came running up to me to tell me that I was surrounded by rainbows and needed to see what was around me.  I couldn’t believe the beauty that was all around me at that moment.  I felt incredible in so many ways, and could not wait to get home and start colouring.

I started that night, and I can’t even express how lovely it was to sit in my wonderful home and colour.  It was escapism, meditation, therapy and creativity all in one.

The next day started with a call from one of my lovely friends from London.  During our two-hour catch up, I told her about these books and how magical they are.  She got so excited that she wanted to get herself some as soon as she could. She literally just messaged me the first page of her creation, and it’s beautiful.

I went to see my parents for lunch and told them about how I had been colouring-in.  My Mum (my biggest supporter and best friend) was so drawn to the idea so I promised to bring my book over so we can colour together.

There is definitely something here.  I don’t know if it’s the magic, the simplicity, the nostalgia, the creativity, the escapism or what, but these simple books generate peace and happiness.  I am making them part of my daily practice.  Want to join me?