Being present and connected…

I was so struck when I saw this video earlier this week:

It reminded me of a couple of things; firstly, how invisible I feel when I am with people who are constantly checking their phones for emails, updates, newsfeeds, social media updates etc.  Secondly, I felt guilty for the times I have not been actually present when I have been actually somewhere; I have been virtually somewhere else (thanks to my smart phone), and for that, I am sorry.

We all miss so much whilst looking down onto our screens, and we all do it every day.  Yes, it feels good to see Likes and Favourites on our posts, but that will never feel as good as a hug, or someone looking at you, with so much love, wanting/hoping to engage.

So, this post is my vow.  I vow to disconnect when I am with those who love me enough to want to spend time with me, and respect me enough to also disconnect* (*emergency exclusions apply!).

My favourite hour in my day is when I workout.  I think one of the reasons that this hour is my favourite is because it’s the one time I disconnect.  I leave my phone upstairs and I let myself be and feel whatever I need to.  It’s kind of sad that I have to give myself permission to do this, but it works for me. I find this time in my day to be the most peaceful, reflective creative and productive.  And, I. Love. It.  I come back Zenned and happy on a number of levels.

It’s good to disconnect and just be; enjoying who you are, where you are and who you are with.  Maybe we can all try to do it a little more.

I’ll let you know how the fulfilment of my vow goes :) x

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