The importance of a brand…

It goes without saying that we are all hugely influenced by brands in our day-to-day lives, from the things we choose to buy, eat, drink and wear, to the places we go and want to be seen in.  The value of a brand, and what it means to us is huge, and the brands themselves capitalize on their value or perceived value by, perhaps, positioning themselves as an aspirational, a cool or an exclusive brand.

How does this relate to our professional lives though?

In my career so far, I have worked with some of the biggest brands on the UK (Emap, Sky and Age UK to name a few).  I have also worked with smaller brands such as the National School of Government and Travel Weekly, and have also had my own start-up businesses in the UK and abroad.

I have to say, the excitement (from yourself and those around you) when you work with a known/big brand is amazing and somewhat infectious, but, in my experience, what you learn from working in smaller teams, on smaller brands, far exceeds the benefits of working with larger brands.

I love and thrive on the ownership you experience when you are part of a smaller team.  For me, I learned more and progressed quicker.  In addition, I gained so much more in terms of my soft skills and confidence.  Having an open door into, for example, the owner of your company, shapes you for management for more quickly than having 2-3 years at a Marketing Executive level in a larger company where you may be one of 10 Marketing Executives.

In addition, I often hear my friends speaking about how hard it is for them to progress in larger companies.  It is as if they are stuck in a rut which is hard to get out of unless you have an excellent manager who supports your hunger for growth.

The reason I am writing about this today is because I had an amazing meeting earlier with the Markham Board of Trade.  The meeting was about the possibility of a field placement/internship with them.  Coming from entrepreneurial roots, I was drawn to this Social Media position as I felt I could use my previously gained experience, and newly acquired skills and knowledge.  As soon as I walked in, I felt that familiar feeling/heard that voice in my head saying ‘this is where I need to be right now.’

I felt welcome, happy and appreciated as soon as our discussion began.  It was wonderful…The scope of the role and the opportunities ahead are, quite frankly, second to none.

When considering my field placement/internship options, I had the choice of being seduced by some of the larger brands available on the list or via my personal contacts.  Without a doubt, big names look great on your resume, but what they give you in terms of experience and exposure can’t always match what smaller, hungrier brands offer.  I am now set to put into practice everything I have been learning in School and on my own since beginning my Graduate Certificate in Social Media, and I can’t wait!

In addition to numerous other roles, I will be writing (which is a huge passion of mine) for the Markham Board of Trade, using social media platforms, analysing the effectiveness of current social media activity, using Google Analytics, creating, advising on and driving strategy and looking at opportunities for growth.  It’s like every one of my favourite elements of my experience have combined themselves into one perfect role for me.  I am so thankful…

I hope Tuesday comes around really quickly :)


  • Boyd_Neil

    Does that mean you got the internship . . . or do you hear on Tuesday? In either case, good luck!

    • raheela_n

      Thanks so much, Boyd.

      This is the internship I currently have. It’s an amazing opportunity as I have been able to put into practice everything I have learned on the SoMe Program!

      Opportunities at H&K are still very high on my aspirational list of places to work, so I really hope I can be considered for a position there :).