Fresh and Kool?

When I think of anything fresh, I can’t get this song out of my head…

Thanks You Tube for a trip down memory lane.

The words even apply considering SEO Content Optimization – Freshness Update! Just change the she’s to it’s i.e. it’s so fresh fresh, exciting. It’s so exciting to me! Need I say more? Keeping content Fresh is just that; ensuring what you have is new, exciting, and well, fresh.

According to Moz the following things contribute to the content on a site being considered Fresh (by Google):

– Freshness by Inception Date
– Document Changes (How Much) Influences Freshness
– The Rate of Document Change (How Often) Impacts Freshness
– Freshness Influenced by New Page Creation
– Changes to Important Content Matter More
– Rate of New Link Growth Signals Freshness
– Links from Fresh Sites Pass Fresh Value
– Changes in Anchor Text Signals may Devalue Links
– User Behavior Indicates Freshness
– Older Documents Still Win Certain Queries

Remember to Be fresh. Be relevant. Most important, Be useful.