Strategy Vs Tactics

Strategy Vs Tactics = Marriage Vs Dating

I read recently that you should Marry a Strategy, but Date a Tactic :) (thanks

Putting aside rising divorce rates, for me, this articulates beautifully the difference between a Strategy and a Tactic.  Building on the above analogy, you’re in a Strategy for the long-term, whereas your behaviour towards Tactics should be somewhat more casual.  In this age of online dating, perhaps we can say that Strategy can be aligned with e-Harmony, and Tactics perhaps with Plenty of Fish or Tinder.

It is very common to get these terms mixed up, or have them used interchangeably.  My aim with this blog post is to clearly demonstrate the difference between a Strategy and a Tactic.

In the first clip from Despicable Me, Gru is describing his Strategy to steal the moon.

In this next clip, his (successful) Tactics are shown.

Source of both movie clips: You

Hollywood movies are fueled by stories of Strategy and Tactics, whereby the What (Strategy)  would be, for example,  the leading man’s ambition to “get the girl” the How  (Tactics) would be, in this context, the methods he uses to woo her, whether that be in the style of the 40 Year Old Virgin, or 50 Shades of Grey.  The Strategy is the same, but the Tactics are very different.  This highlights another crucial point, Tactics need to be flexible so that they can respond to people, situations and Government if necessary, to name a few.

Another example of a Strategy Vs a Tactic would be a desire to stay in a country you are not a resident of.  The Strategy would be to stay in that country.   The Tactics could be numerous, for example, get a job, enhance your education, or get married.  All the How options are viable yet the What remains the same.

 I look forward to your thoughts and comments on this.

  • Claudia Cheung

    I absolutely adore your examples from despicable me, it made this definition and comparison between the two terms that much more engaging and relatable. I also love that you compared it to marriage and dating, it’s such a fascinating and common ideal to compare it with. It makes so much sense though that strategy is something for the long run while tactics are what you go through to get to “the one” which is your strategy. Your blog was easy to understand, great post! :)

    • Raheela

      Thanks so much, Claudia :)

  • Kayla Chatkiewicz

    I absolutely love how attention-grabbing your blog post was. The Marriage and Dating example you gave pulled me right in to read this blog, and the examples from Despicable Me were perfect in describing the difference between Strategies and Tactics. It made the definition that much fun! Thanks for this post!

    • Raheela

      Thanks, Kayla.

      I am so pleased you enjoyed the post :)

  • Supriya Shrivastava

    I really liked your post Raheela. The videos make it very lively and so easy to understand the difference between the two terminologies.
    Interesting analogy with Marriage Vs Dating. We know you can’t have a Strategy without Tactics and vice versa. However, is it true in the case of marriage & dating? Not everyone is dating to get married :)

    • Raheela

      Thanks, Supriya.
      The purpose of my example was to highlight the difference between Strategy and a Tactics in a way which is clear to understand, using real life examples. You are right though, many people’s Strategy is to date in which case the Tactics could be, perhaps, to use online dating or introduction services :).